Casio fx-82EX Non Programmable Scientific Calculator

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Title: Casio Scientific Calculator
Brand: CASIO
Warranty Period 3 Years
Colour Black
Country of Origin Japan
Digit 12 Digits
Calculator Type Scientific Calculators
Model fx-82EX
Battery 1 x AAA Battery
Power Type Battery
Material Plastic
Display LCD Display
Country of Assemble China

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Product Summary & Specification


Casio fx-82ex: The new friend of the classroom
casio scientific calculator fx-82ex With high-resolution LCD technology, it has fundamental functions for secondary education and more spontaneous operability which is the ideal education model. This series offers a new high-resolution display with top-notch quality. It offers a new high-resolution LC display with 192×63 pixels and a resolution that is four times higher. It boosts by using a new hardware with a faster processor and with double memory size.

General Specifications:
– Clear and large display.
– Natural textbook display.
– Number of functions: 273.
– Regression analysis.
– Comes with new slide with hardcase.
– Dimensions (H x W x L) : 77 x 165,5 x 13,8 mm
– Dot-matrix display: high-resolution screen.
– Easy to understand English messages and interactive format.

1. Simple and intuitive operability:
The interactive operation makes the features easier to use. It quickens the desired function selection process. Besides, using the icons increased its viewability. By using the icons, the desired function can be easily selected. Operations are made easier by visual, interactive, and textbook-based displays.
2. Easy and fast calculations:
By using visualized formulas and simple keystrokes, the calculations can be faster. This fast calculation will help the students to do a steady performance in both class and examinations.
3. Natural textbook display:
Make every symbol used for doing math like- root, fractions, powers, logarithms, and other mathematical equations appear like the textbooks. So, any kind of problems can be solved easily and in a friendly way.
4. Fundamental functions for secondary education:
Primary functions like Statistics and tables are available to assist the students to learn. Variables and statistical calculation results are stored in memory and can be displayed in lists. So, there is no need to recall them from previous problems.
5. List-display function:
The results of variable and statistical calculation, stored in memory, can be displayed in lists. As a result, there is no need to remember individual values.
6. Authentic quality:
Top-quality and authentication assure reliance for use in educational contexts.
7. Understanding English messages:
All the English words displayed on the screen are on the unabbreviated form. So, it is really easy to understand any command or message.
8. Premium content:
A variety of Casio content is available to make learning easier which any user can access after registration to their website. This service makes the product more user-friendly.


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